Liberating desire through contemplative pedagogy

Science has become the dominant discourse when it comes to “regular” education, therapy, and personal development. It favors knowledge that is based on phenomena that are observable and measurable. It makes us blind to subtle differences in quality of life and presence that are not captured by this crude empiricist criterion of legitimation.

Although trained in a predominantly quantitative, empiricist lineage of scientific inquiry (I majored in quantitative methods in psychological science, PhD in educational psychology), I gravitated towards using a more delicate empiricism, without refuting first-person information. It opened a new flavor of personal development, embodied philosophy and spirituality. I learned about presence, the quality of connection to reality and the self, delicate sensations in the body, and pre-conceptual experience.

Bringing this experiential knowledge back to education, therapy, and personal development, I believe something essential is being overlooked by conventional evidence “enforced” methods. It is situated on the level of transmission through presence, embodied knowledge, an experience of being alive, a reconnection to a deeper felt sense, a calling.

My mission is to create independent learning spaces and happenings that stimulate the discovery and expression of original ways of being human.