About me

First life: scientific inquiry

Master in psychology (KU Leuven), Doctorate in educational psychology (Peabody College, Vanderbilt University), founder of Modesto (mission: supporting existential self-development in bright people), research fellow at KU Leuven, worked at Radboud University (Centrum voor Begaafdheidsonderzoek), Project TALENT (KU Leuven), Expertisecel Begaafdheid (KU Leuven).

Second life: contemplative inquiry

Co-founder of “The Monastery” (transspritual practice center to rethink the monastic life for our time), mentoring bright adolescents and adults, organizing retreats, workshops, meditation groups, men circles, embodiment practices, etc.

Third life: bringing it together

Founder of Avondgloed (mission: helping terminally ill patients die with satisfaction and in integrity), founder of Factory of Desire (center for embodied philosophy, mission: to be a place of exploration, experimentation and learning about loving and dying), founder l’Avant-Garde (mission: liberating desire in bright adolescents), writer of this blog.

Residential program, workshops and meditation groups, lectures