Concrete initiatives House of the beloved is a residential center for embodied philosophy. Join us for a workshop, a reading or meditation group, a ritual, or a short or long term residency. Through exploration and experimentation about loving and dying we support journeyers with divers life philosophies in finding themselves and their place in the world. l’avant-garde accompanies adults and adolescents that reason exceptionally well to find themselves and their place in the world. Avondgloed (evening flow) accompanies the dying and their families. From a pluralistic framework we help you finalize your life with satisfaction and in integrity. Dancing with shadows is a transformative practice that helps you take an honest look at yourself, making your unconscious conscious. Modesto, a non-profit organization that promotes evidence inspired practices to help bright people find happy and expressive lives. Our most recent initiative is the scientific injection, a juicy training for professionals to stay up to date with the scientific literature that is relevant for practice.